New Episode Items

New Episode Items - Pets, Mounts and more.

Shaiya Rebellion is an Episode 6.4 server. We have, however, added some Episode 7 and 8 Items.

  • 64 Sets of beautiful wings, all with stats to give you an added boost as well as high fashion.
  • All current Episode 8 Mounts, including the Elephant and the floating Nimbus clouds.
  • 100's of Costumes - With a style to suit any mood we have you covered, everything from Football to Bumblebee.
  • Special Retro Gear Costumes - Ever had a favourite set of armour but had to give it up for better stats at a later level. Well now you can wear this Armour as a costume, so you can have Endgame gear with the look of Goddess Anor(if that's the look you like). Nine sets to choose from.
  • Pets, Pets and more pets. Whether you want an owl or a bouncing bunny ... we have the petronus for you!
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