Rebellion Reborn!

As you know on Saturday the 2th of February, Shaiya Rebellion will be launched for open Beta. Being in Beta you have to understand that there may be bugs and glitches and if you could report them immediately to a member of staff or in the forums that would be great.

I am very excited after months of work to release this to you. I started playing Shaiya 10 years ago and I met some of the most amazing people, that I am still friends with today. As a result, Shaiya has a special place in my heart.

Sadly, I quickly realised that OS was very much pay to play, even hearing one guy brag about dropping nearly 20k on the game.yell So I left OS and joined Heroes my very first private server. Thanks to a massive amount of misogyny and being told "girls can't code" I took up the challenge. 

Nearly 6 years ago now I opened "Rebellion Shaiya" which was my masterpiece. Unfortunately due to my bad health and busy schedule Rebellion just died. 

The moral of this long-winded story....

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