Patch Notes 
  • Hunter gold ring is only 4 slots was completed.
  • Guild house teleport rune spawns you in the corner of the guildhouse map. was completed.
  • Gear pack bad deal was completed.
    Gear pack now contains 4 tops and 4 weapon tokens
  • Weapon bug with new lapis was completed.
    Dropped atta power to 100 to see if that fixes the issue
  • Unable to trade or drop gold bars was completed.
  • The white wing mount days it's an owl but it's a horse was completed.
    Can't seem to fix it I will work on it some more
  • Dual Mystic lapis is not dropping was completed.
    Duel Mystic 6 doesn't exist
  • Head16 fury female is partially invisible was completed.
    Not sure of the issue
  • Helm 2 has lower stats than helm 1 was completed.
    Helm 2 bought in line with level 8 lapis
  • Dual safe lapis isn't dropping was completed.
    They didn't exist they do now
  • Draco blade says ranger/mage/priest but unable to equip was completed.
    All fury Daggers description fixed
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