Patch Notes 14/02/19
  • Discord on facebook invalid was completed.
    New link added and pinned to the top of the page
  • Untouchable Potion Lv 1 don't stack was completed.
    Now stacking to 255
  • Keep getting red apple drop in ki named 500?? was completed.
    was an item I tried to replace lotus with that didn't work either. Now removed from the drop bag
  • Zagzagel Cape can't be equipped to a mage but says can on the description was completed.
    Seemed it was for a mage but not elves now fixed
  • Idk if it is just my PC but 'head appearance' 15 And 17 for a female mage just cut off the top of the head. Not major Just bugging me I wanna see them was completed.
  • Looking into a fix my custom hair didn't seem to work Removed temporarily
    new chars enter the game with items at 0 endurance was completed.
  • Helm Lapis doesn't Drop was completed.
    Drops in most maps below VR
  • 80 Shield for guardians missing Defence and Resistance Stats was completed.
    Attack removed Def resist etc added
  • Accessory Lapis doesn't drop was completed.
    Drops in all high-level maps
  • Wind star weapon lapis ( Star of whatever the one wind is named after ) is only wind ele 1 while others are ele 2 was completed.
  • Priest accessory kit from item mall does not include a cape as per the description says it does. was completed.
  • Hell Raiser Javelin - not allowing to put rebellion lotus in enchant slot in blacksmith menu was completed.
    None do figuring out a workaround
  • no helm lapis can link into helms under 30 was completed.
    Made them lvl 29
  • lvl 20 capes cant be traded was completed.
    All the things can now be traded

    santa troll at medius only drops gold was completed.
    Santa Troll Removed
  • helm lapis 2 says 0% chance to link but doesn't even attempt to in 30 gear was completed.
    Not sure why as they are set to level 29 the 0% thing is a visual bug also helm 1 lapis now made and drop in maps 1 and 2 and first level D1
  • Phoenix lapis says 0% chance to link into any level top was completed.
    not sure how to fix this visually it is actually 85% chance
  • CS portal to Dios not working was completed.
  • Light side portal to Oblivion Insula not working, Possible time restriction like on OS? not sure, i suspect darks maybe the same.d was completed.
    Fixed Portal was set to max level 60
  • using town portal in Arcanus Ruins ( Pantanassa Dungeon ) spawns you in Kanos Illium was completed.
    Now spawns outside dungeon by the door
  • Level 70 Max oj Mp pots are randomly showing up in warehouses and backpacks but unusable was completed.
    bin them was an item replacement
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