Patch Notes 09/02/19
  • Weapon lapisia doesn't stack was completed.
  • Honeybee Costume gives no stats was completed.
    It's not supposed to some costumes are better than others
  • Buy Rebellion Points in item mall goes to aria games was completed.
    Only fixed with new game.exe so that will not be done till March 4th
  • The star heart special lapis I think need looking at they add more than what they say was completed.
    Fixed and should only be linked in weapons
  • Bosses in Zeharr Mine drop nothing was completed.
    They aren't meant to yet as I am unsure what I want to do with them
  • Mystra lapis boxes are still dropping in KI was completed.
    No longer drops
  • Weapon item ???046 still dropping in Theos was completed.
  • Gears 76+ are not dropping in Theos was completed.
  • Defender Luminous Imperial gloves are blue while the Luminous Imperial Boots are a green / gold was completed.
  • If you town in KI you get sent to the light base was completed.
    I towned 5x every time ended up in the right Base
  • Enchant items not dropping in panta now was completed.
    Long story but now fixed
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