Welcome to Shaiya Rebellion Private Server

  • Episode 6.4
  • Custom Guild Houses
  • Guild Quests
  • Balanced Classes
  • Rebel Points from Donation, Voting, Playtime, and Gambling House
  • Upgrade and Fortune Bags
  • Self Party
  • Autoloot and FB stacking
  • 2 people to make a Guild
  • Active Staff
  • Regular In-Game and Donation Events, PLUS the Daily Discord Giveaway
  • Full FFA Map
  • Weekly and Daily quests to keep you busy
  • Bosses not soloable
  • Wings
  • Pets
  • All OS Mounts
  • Leveling/Farming
  • For those who don't want to Grind, we have instant leveleing runes on IM - Levels 15, 30 and 80
  • Quest rewards bought in line with Private server
  • Retro Gear as costumes
  • Amazing new Maps - Monster madness map and Sheepsville
  • PvPvE
  • 90% of Item Mall available in Game
  • Elite Accounts with Daily Gifts
  • Monthly Loyalty Gifts

This Months Promo, We are giving all our supporters 1.5x Extra RP Till 30/03/21

Rebellion News

Coming out of Beta!

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New Episode Items

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Rebellion Reborn!

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Patch Notes

Guild House Patch
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Drop Fix Patch
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Patch Notes 
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Patch Notes 14/02/19
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Patch Notes 09/02/19
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MM Map Timer

Maint Countdown

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